Imagine days out of time, slow, the sun, the sky the clouds that flow one after the other. The coolness of the wind on the terrace. Of time for yourself, to do what you want, relax, see new things, immerse yourself in yourself, idle, visit a fantastic territory still outside the mass tourist routes. The beauty and health found.

Enter a historic district but alive, with an ancient flavor, immersed in the characteristic motifs of the "profferlo" (external staircase with terrace), in a restricted traffic area where pedestrians, some sly cats and playful swallows are the owners.

The Il Gallo house is your oasis in a world of stress and speed. A place to take up the value of time, the well-being of one's body and one's own spirit, food and air. Because in fact you are in Viterbo, among the first in Italy in the clean air classifications of recent years.

San Faustino, the neighborhood in which you find yourself has a historic vocation for hospitality, considering that about a thousand years ago, it was in this part of the city where the noble and noble escapees from the nearby city of the then Ferentum were defeated, defeated militarily following a battle for local supremacy.

Because basically we are all, or we have all been, at some time or somewhere, foreigners. Of the people who come from outside.

Roberta and Andrea, who manage and have thought of the holiday home, are of different origins, Abruzzo and Tuscany, then lived ten years in France before deciding to return to Italy and build something beautiful and launch this project. With their two "French" children they moved and chose Viterbo, because Viterbo is beautiful and has great potential. The Casa del Gallo will therefore be your base to start also to discover a stay in a city and in a rich and benevolent territory.

The idea of holiday accommodation was born in 2017 from a project by Roberta Tarquini and Andrea Roncolini.

Roberta has always focused on the management of the interior space, in particular the use of the ancient space in its dialogue with the contemporary, and the concepts of quality of service that derive from it. Graduated in Cultural Heritage, museum of ancient spaces, she then took a specialization in Paris in the organization of spaces through Feng Shui, having found in this ancient Chinese art the most useful reflections to carry forward her proposal with respect to the redevelopment of spaces in relation to those who must then take advantage of it and live in it.

Andrea is a musician and active in online business since 2014, he also loves photography (the photos of Gallo are his) and tries to give his creative contribution in the management of the accommodation.

The Viterbo year is marked by numerous events and parties that give a stimulating breath of life to those who live there and those who want to come and share from outside. Also around every corner there are numerous beauties and architectural, artistic, environmental and cultural treasures waiting for you to stop and tell their stories, or their silences. Even just making an exhaustive list would risk being difficult.

There is Viterbo city and there is Tuscia, the whole territory of its province. The stimuli and the moments to visit are numerous, different and varied. See you soon...

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